This website has been developed to bring you a unique and extremely special way of working with your dreams. ‘Dream-Box’ will help you to move beyond dream dictionaries, or globalized symbolic meanings for your dreams, and instead help you to become your own dream expert by putting the meaning of your dreams back in your hands. Dream-Box uses an approach that has its base in the practises of ancient cultures, blended with contemporary ideas, and theories, to bring knowledge about dreams up-to-date. We have developed Dream-Box to help you to decode and work with your dreams, in your own surroundings, at your own pace, in your own way. Dream-Box provides with a highly individual response to your dreams from one of Europe’s leading dream workers she will give you step-by-step instruction to help you understand the dream that you would like to work with.

The idea is very simple, decide which level of dream work you would like to undertake, and then send your dream via our Dream-Box page. The dream should be about 300 words long, including the main images and story-line, characters, events and how you felt during the dream. Jennifer will then send you your Dream-Box.


Mission Statement

Dream-Box’s Purpose – to add positively to the use of dreams for self-development, and improved well-being. Dream-Box’s second aim is to provide a holistic approach to personal and spiritual development. We use an up-to-date, research based foundation for Dream-Box, that is merged with holistic health principles and ancient rites. Finally, we hope to encourage and engage people from all corners of the Word in regular dream-work practices

The Values of Dream-Box – are to provide an individual, personal communication with our clients that help them to become their own dream ‘experts.’ This is embedded in our belief that people have their own internal knowledge that once accessed, can illuminate their waking and dreaming lives. The dream belongs to the dreamer as does the meaning of the dream.

The Business of Dream-Box – is to provide a quality product from a reputable dream-worker. We promise to achieve the purpose and values of Dream-Box at the most affordable prices.

Bear with Woman

Email: info@dreamshrink.com


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